Following is a listing of management staff by division. We are here to provide the best quality service and to respond to your customer service needs and questions.

PHONE NUMBER (unless otherwise indicated): 804.758.2386


Kathy Vesley-Massey President and CEO
Diana Giles Chief Financial Officer
Kay Sheldon Vice President, Administration
Mary Davis Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Bill Smith Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Walker Vice President, Aging & Disability Resources
Jean Duggan Senior Vice President, Development
Bob Butler Information Technology
Bobby Vassar Assistant to CEO
Brian Riley Information Technology

Community Living Programs:

Patsy Taylor Senior VP, Community Living Programs (800.493.0238)
Jennifer Beck Assistant Director, Community Living Programs
Barbara Swain Vice President, Home Care
Cathey Eades EVCTP Program Manager
Tiffany Robins R.N., B.S.N Coordinated Care Manager


Bay Transit:

Ken Pollock Transit Director (804.250.2019)
Pat Sanders Operations Manager (804.250.2019)
Larry Kight Project Manager (804.693.6977)

Bay Family Housing:  (804.758.1260)

Joshua Gemerek Senior Vice President, Housing
Pat Frere Director, Single Family Housing
Vincent Smith Construction & Rehabilitation Specialist
Dianne Wilkins Vice President, Property Management
Robin Jones Vice President, Housing Administration