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What is Bay Aging?

Bay Aging is the premier provider of programs and services for people of all ages. Formed in 1978, Bay Aging serves a predominately rural 2,600 square mile region that encompasses ten counties and two planning districts. As you will see, Bay Aging is extremely diverse in the programs it offers through three major divisions-Community Living, Bay Transit, and Bay Family Housing. We hope you enjoy visiting our web site and that you are able to gather valuable information about our services. Please Check out the New Virginia Easy Access web site! A great resource for finding services in your area.


Bay Aging will deliver the programs and services people of all ages need to live
independently in their communities for as long as possible.


Bay Aging is committed to the community development of our region to promote the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula as a great place to live, work and visit.


Every neighbor in our region will have a CHOICE and range of services that will assist them to remain independent in their chosen home.

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What’s New

Environmental Health and Chronic Disease1

How does the environment affect chronic diseases such as asthma or heart attack?

The Environmental Protection Agency developed easy to read fact sheets for caregivers and older adults regarding environmental health issues such as how to stay safe during a heat wave or how to find about the air quality where you live. Fact sheets are free and can be viewed here .
Bay Aging cares about you and your health!


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Bay Aging’s Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is seeking individuals to lend their time as volunteers in our Meals On Wheels program. As a volunteer, you would serve approximately 2 to 3 hours, once a week, 3 to 4 times per year delivering meals to the seniors in your community. Partners / couples are welcome.
Currently, we have needs in:

West Point / King & Queen County
Mathews County
Essex County
Richmond County

To find out more about our program/s or to volunteer, please contact Ken Rogers, RSVP Director at:

804-758-8853 or e-mail Ken Rogers

Willam Evans MOW Volunteer

“I believe in helping  my fellow man and that this is the Lord’s work”
– Mr. William Evans, who has been  delivering Meals on Wheels for 20+ years.



Bay Aging, through its Bay Transit Division provides thousands of rides a year throughout the Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula and beyond. The majority of its passengers are picked up and delivered to their homes in rural parts of the region 12 hours a day, 5 days a week.

As you can imagine, the word “rural” is a key component of the environment in which passenger’s live and the Bay Transit buses must reach each and every one.

To do this, many homeowners have residences that are easy to get to and others, well, not so much. This past winter was filled with ice, snow, lots of rain and it all led to driveways that were muddy, slippery and dangerous.

To keep the passengers, Drivers and buses safe, Drivers must be very aware at all times of road and driveway hazards such as those this winter. To keep Drivers aware, there was an awareness campaign this past winter that, to this date was successful. Driving safely was stressed in the Quarterly Safety Meetings and large posters showing buses stuck in the mud but the most effective warning was notifying Drivers several times a day to be aware of their surroundings. Each bus has an electronic tablet that is used for the driving schedule and Transit Dispatchers in the office are able to send safety messages throughout the day that show up on the tablet reminding Drivers to always be careful and to be safe. This technology is effective, efficient and timely and can be spread throughout the whole service area with a single key stroke!

Each year Bay Transit strives to provide the best and safest transportation in the region through professional Drivers, equipment and technology.

Volunteers Needed!

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