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Let’s Re-define Retired!

What is RSVP?
A nationwide volunteer program, RSVP invites adults age 55 and over to use their life experience and skills to answer the call of their neighbors in need.

Giving anywhere from one to 40 hours per week, RSVP volunteers help solve serious problems in their communities.

RSVP invites adults to put their experience to work solving problems close to home. Whether it be teaching children or adults to read, or providing much-needed support to non-profit agencies, RSVP volunteers are making their communities stronger. Getting involved is the key to RSVP. Your hard work can solve problems, and you’ll get back even more than you give.

A Community of Talents Serving Others
You Benefit.
As an RSVP volunteer, you’ll receive:

  • Free volunteer placement;
  • The opportunity to use your experience and skills;
  • The chance to learn something new every day;
  • Supplemental accident and liability insurance; and
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference.

Your Neighbors Benefit.
Among their many accomplishments, RSVP volunteers:

    • Deliver hot, nutritious meals to the home-bound elderly;
    • Provide non-emergency medical transportation;
    • Help local law enforcement make communities safer
    • Volunteer at hospitals, nursing homes;
    • Change lives by mentoring and tutoring young people
Using a LIFETIME of EXPERIENCE To Help Others
RSVP volunteers use their life and job skills to strengthen their communities

Just a small sample of what RSVP volunteers did in one year:

  • Tutored more than 100,000 kindergarten through 12th grade students.
  • Distributed nearly 40 million pounds of food, feeding over 2.5 million people; and
  • Provided health care services to more than 5 million individuals.

For More Information

A Program of
Bay Aging
P. O. Box 610
Urbanna, VA 23175

Phone: 804-758-8853
Fax: 804-758-8854
Email: Ken Rogers

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