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* means Bay Aging staff is following the strategic plan.


Program Highlights coincide with Bay Aging Board of Director Meetings which are held in January, March, May, July, September, and November

Highlights from our Board Directors:

  • *The River Counties Chapter of the American Red Cross will hold its Community Leadership Dinner on October 21, 2014 at Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club. This year’s honorees are our own Jimmie Carter along with Norton Hurd and Sheriff Doug Bryant.
  • *Reverend Maria Harris is working hard to organize the 3rd Disability History and Awareness Program scheduled for Saturday, October 18, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at Hamilton Holmes Middle School in King William County. You are invited to attend the informative and fun event!
  • *MaCorp Small Business Event will be held the evening of October 18, from 6-10 p.m.


  • *Bay Aging dba Eastern Virginia Care Transitions Partnership, sponsored another Coleman Care Transitions Intervention Coach Training. Twenty-two participants representing organizations around Virginia and the states of Florida and Pennsylvania attended.
  • *The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services evaluation of the Eastern Virginia Care Transitions Partnership (EVCTP) was initiated September 24. A letter from our Congressional delegation and other dignitaries was sent in support of EVCTP.
  • *Senior Employment Program: National Employ Older Workers Week is September 21 – 27, 2014 (see the flyer in your packet). Bay Aging is proud of its Senior Employment Program participants as they train for unsubsidized work in the region. We have several participants who are now “job ready”, and assisting them in their pursuit of permanent employment. There are currently 14 participants in the program and one additional person coming on board in the next few weeks.

Virginia Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program (VICAP)

  • Lisa Walker attended the CMS National Training in Philadelphia – August 12th and 13th.
  • *The VICAP program is gearing up with outreach presentations to area Senior Center, Senior Housing sites and representing VICAP and Bay Aging at local Senior Health fairs.

Ombudsman Program

  • Carol Turner and Lisa Walker attended state training in Richmond – July 22nd and 23rd. They were also attended the State Guardianship Conference and participate in a group dialogue of Ombudsman, Adult Protective Services workers and Public Guardians.


  • *Bay Aging received an $825 grant from the Gloucester Community Foundation. Funds will be directed to provide shelf stable meals for the homebound frail and for seniors who regularly take their main meal at the Gloucester Active Lifestyle Center.
  • *Through Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) funding, over 100 youth benefitted from attending summer camps and youth programs sponsored by: Macedonia Baptist Church (Heathsville), Northern Neck Youth Coalition, Mathews Family YMCA and Middlesex YMCA.
  • *Since July 1, 2014, emergency services assistance totaling $5,546.87 was spent for 16 families using Neighborhood Assistance Program funds and 9 families using TANF funds. 99% of assistance requested was related to delinquent utility bills. Other requests were related to mortgage and rent issues. Most requests were received from people living in Westmoreland and Northumberland Counties.
  • *Tax credits are available now! Get yours today! Very important: let other people know about this great way to receive a break on taxes. Purchasing tax credits is a valuable way of raising funds that are redirected into Bay Aging services. Contact Jean Duggan for information and forms – 758.2386. Remember: If you want tax credits for this year, you must purchase them by December 31. Purchasing credits after that date means you will claim the credit when you file your 2015 taxes.
  • *SVP of Development met with Board Director Terry McGregor seeking his expertise and expert opinion about purchasing Automatic Emergency Defibrillators to be placed throughout the service region. Having AEDs available is another valuable, lifesaving service we can provide for the people Bay Aging serves.

Community Living

  • *The Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services conducted a monitoring visit on August 11 and 12, 2014. The programs monitored included Transportation, Home Care,
    Adult Day Break and the Senior Outreach to Services Program. The monitoring visit provided an opportunity for Bay Aging staff to receive technical assistance and the assurance that these programs are in compliance with state and federal policies and procedures.
  • *Bay Aging staff attended a HomeMeds training on Friday, September 19, in Urbanna. HomeMeds is a web-based medication risk screening application that incorporates evidence-based protocols and procedures. This application records client information (including but limited to medications, vital signs, acute events, and health conditions) to generate alerts of a targeted set of potential medication-related problems. HomeMeds has a proven track record and achieves excellent results while being easily implemented in any program that involves a home visit like care transitions, case management, in home assessment for meals or Senior Center activities. HomeMeds is the only evidence-based medication safety program currently approved by the Administration for Community Living (ACL). This program is an excellent opportunity for our staff to enhance their service capabilities as they work with clients who are coping with chronic medical conditions.
  • *Several Bay Aging staff participated in the annual Senior Safety Health Fair held Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at the Newington Baptist Church in Gloucester.
  • *Staff having responsibilities related to data input attended a PeerPlace Summit held Monday, September 8, at Port Town Village. PeerPlace is a state wide data base system used to track information on clients receiving services delivered by Bay Aging as well as all other AAAs in the state. The purpose of the Summit was to review data entry processes, data entry staff’s responsibilities, and to incorporate quality control measures to ensure that data entry practices are in compliance with state requirements.
  • *RSVP Director Ken Rogers and SVP of Development Jean Duggan attended the 2014 Volunteerism & Service Conference in Richmond on September 11 – 12.
  • *RSVP Volunteer Recognition events are planned to begin in October. Additional information
    will be forwarded to Board members once plans are finalized.
  • *Bay Aging participated in the annual Middlesex Senior Safety Fair held on Friday, September
    12, 2014 at the Middlesex Department of Social Services.

Eastern Virginia Care Transitions Partnership:

  • *EVCTP screened 1,424 patients in August for the Care Transitions Intervention program: 972 eligible for coaching, 1,027 patients were seen in the hospital and 833 patients received a home visit. Results: 4% readmission rate for August!
  • *EVCTP/Bay Aging provided training and certification opportunities for Coaches and other Bay Aging employees to learn from the Stanford University’s Chronic Disease Self-Management evidenced-based program. This training program was offered as a continuing education component to increase knowledge and develop skills that will be passed on to others who are dealing with chronic health conditions. EVCTP is partnering with Riverside’s Center for Excellence in Aging and Lifelong Health to plan future workshops for residents on the Middle Peninsula who suffer with chronic diseases.
  • *A fall Coleman Care Transitions Intervention Coach Training was held in Richmond on September 23 and 24. Twenty-one people from throughout Virginia, including one person from Florida and four people from Pennsylvania, were trained in delivering the Coleman “Four Pillars” model of successful transitions from hospital to home.

Bay Transit

  • *The Middle Peninsula Transit Facility first floor is nearly complete. Bay Transit received funding from the Department of Rail and Public Transportation to complete the second floor; the final design is completed. Although there were some delays in going to contract with the General Contractor, staff resolved concerns raised by Federal Transportation Administration and a draft contract is under review by all parties. Construction on the second floor is planned to begin in September and be completed in December.
  • *Fixed route service is in full swing in the Gloucester Courthouse area and on the Northern Neck. Ridership on the Courthouse Circulator has been very good (468 rides in August) while the Neck Connect is developing slower (64 rides in August). Please visit to learn more about fixed-route transportation and advocate this valuable service to people in your communities who could benefit greatly from a dedicated transportation service.
  • The Department of Rail and Public Transportation conducted a triennial review of Bay Transit operations in August. There were a few findings related to updating policies and brochures. There was one finding related to improving the timeliness of preventative maintenance on vehicles. A corrective action plan was submitted to DRPT and all findings are being addressed.
  • *New Freedom provided 329 trips in July and approximately 375 trips in August. New Freedom received a state grant for $20,000 to provide trips to seniors who do not have disabilities.


  • *Finance staff is finalizing the annual 403b audit as well as finalizing the IRS Form 5500 for the agency’s retirement plan.
  • *Completed the first months billing of Per Member/Per Month for Bay Aging’s contract with Humana for complex care coordination.
  • *Tiffany Robins, RN, BSN, was recently hired to oversee the Commonwealth Coordinated Care services for complex care coordination. Tiffany comes to us with very impressive credentials as she is the former Education and Training Coordinator for Virginia Health Services where she implemented the electronic health records system for the organization’s statewide network of
    independent skilled nursing facilities. Prior to that Tiffany was the Director of Nursing for Virginia Health Network’s facilities statewide. Welcome Tiffany!
  • *CFO Diana Giles and fiscal staff are presently processing Bay Aging’s annual agency wideinsurance coverage review to ensure best coverage at a reasonable cost.

Information Technology

  • *Preparatory IT planning and work is being done to move the Bay Transit team from its present location to the new Gloucester Transit facility.
  • *Preliminary meetings were held and a proposal was submitted to a potential AAA IT consulting client.
  • *Tested and implemented new event log monitoring software to improve response time to potential problems and research and resolution capability for existing problems. The software was purchased and donated by the IT Director’s company, Dynamic Systems Solutions.
  • *Tested and implemented Symantec Backup Exec 2014–the latest version of the backup software Bay Aging uses.
  • *The New Kent Transit office staff is benefitting from the implementation of a new dedicated cable connection that connects to the headquarters’ network, providing more security and functionality to the users.
  • * and Reports indicate increased traffic at both locations. Website analysis shows that Bay Aging and Bay Transit have prominent presence on many other government and business locations, encouraging others to visit the websites and learning more about Bay Aging services.

Bay Family Housing

Single Family Housing:

  • *Single Family Housing is currently working as the Housing Rehabilitation Specialist for the Greentown-Gaskins Road CDBG project in Lancaster County. Work is completed on the first 5 One home is currently under progress. Work will soon begin on a 7th and 8th home.
  • *Single Family Housing is a partner with the Town of Colonial Beach and the Northern Neck Planning District Commission where, together, they are working on a CDBG Planning Grant to address housing concerns in the Town.
  • *Single Family Housing is working with both the Town of White Stone and the Northern Neck Planning District Commission on a CDBG Planning Grant to address housing and infrastructure concerns in the Town.
  • *Single Family Housing is continuing Weatherization Assistance Work on an average of 4 homes a month throughout the 10 Counties of the Middle Peninsula and the Northern Neck.
  • *In conjunction with the SVP of Development, Bay Aging submitted a $15,000 funding request to the Dominion Foundation encouraging their partnership in weatherization/energy conservation efforts for low-income families.

Multi-Family Housing:

Senior Apartments – Operating

  • A series of Management and Occupancy Reviews (MORs) were performed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Richmond Field Office at the following properties:
    • Daffodil Gardens (64 units in Gloucester) on August 4th
    • Port Town Village I (25 units in Urbanna) on July 9th
    • Tartan Village I (22 units) and Tartan Village II (19 units) in Kilmarnock on July 10th

The overall rating for each of the four reviewed projects is “Above Average”.

  • Beginning this year, HUD is requiring staff to perform an annual analysis of each project’s utility allowance in order to determine the appropriate level.
    • This is done by obtaining at least three residents’ written permission (per property) for Dominion Virginia Power to release previous 12 months actual apartment electricity usage data. From this data, an average per unit per month electric dollar cost will be established and HUD will use this amount as the utility allowance. We are conducting on-site residents meetings in order to explain utility allowance reductions, which cause residents’ monthly rent obligation to increase.Housing Choice Voucher Program
  • The Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) Section Eight Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) audit is currently being performed for the operating period of 7/1/2013 through 6/30/2014. This audit is designed to measure/score our program administration performance.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

  • *VHDA recently readjusted waiting lists for all VHDA-approved HCVP administrators based on applicants’ current residence, which caused Bay Aging’s waiting list to increase. Sixty new vouchers were made available to waiting list applicants, creating a surge in new client certifications.

Multi-Family Housing Production

  • Daffodil Gardens Phase II Service-Enriched Senior Rental Housing (Gloucester):
    • A preliminary market analysis was completed by Allen & Associates Consulting, Inc. on August 31st. This is a major driver of the number of new rental housing units potentially funded.
    • Bay Design Group is performing survey, master planning and civil engineering services.
    • dBF Associates, Architects, Inc. is performing preliminary architectural design services.
    • Andrew Franck, of Geddy, Harris, Franck & Hickman, LLP, is providing development related legal services.
    • The Virginia Community Development Corporation is providing technical assistance, development and operations budget review and funding application processing services.

General Housing

  • *Joshua Gemerek was recently invited to join the Bay Consortium Workforce Investment Board, Inc. Board of Directors. This was done in order to bring an affordable housing and non-profit organization perspective to the wide range of workforce training and employment issues currently being addressed.
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