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  • We welcome another new member of the Board of Director Reverend Althilla “Maria” Harris. The King William Board of Supervisors appointed Reverend Harris effective September 1, 2013 to replace outgoing member Jim Mickens. Bay Aging President will provide an overview session with Reverend Harris before the September Board Meeting.
  • * Middlesex Bay Aging Auxiliary members Dell Hinson and Kerry Robusto continue to meet with Development Director Jean Duggan. Mmes. Hinson and Robusto were instrumental in raising awareness and promoting the online fundraising blitz The Amazing Raise.
  • * Bay Aging received $2,500 from the Gloucester Community Foundation to support shelf stable meals for homebound frail and seniors in Gloucester County.
  • * Bay Aging President Kathy Vesley and EVCTP Director Bob Baldwin proudly accepted the 2013 n4a Aging Achievement Award for Care Transitions Intervention at the annual n4a conference. Congratulations!
  • * Thank you for your support! The Richmond Community Foundation sponsors the annual online fundraising marathon The Amazing Raise. Bay Aging participated for the first time and raised $1,005. The Amazing Raise raised almost $2,000,000 in 36 hours with a huge number of non-profits (many from the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck) benefitting from donor support.
  • William S. Massey, CEO of Peninsula Agency on Aging and a Director on Bay Aging’s James City County Apartments Board received the n4a 2013 Excellence in Leadership Award at the recent annual n4a conference. Congratulations Mr. Massey!
  • * The Senior Leadership Team and Bay Aging Board Members attend numerous community events throughout the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck in addition to representing Bay Aging on many community resource councils and other committees. Bay Aging is well represented throughout the service region.

Community Living

  • * Bay Aging is in the process of requesting funds from the following:
    • Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation – $25,000 for storage and program improvements to the Gloucester Adult Day Break Center;
    • Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust – $25,000 for New Freedom Mobility Management transportation for veterans; and
    • Sanders Foundation – $2,000 for the Gloucester Active Lifestyle Center
  • * Home Care has been approved by the Virginia Dept. of Health for license renewal effective August 1, 2013 through July 31, 2014.
  • *110 Home Care Satisfaction Surveys were mailed to clients on June 1, 2013, of which 60 % were returned. These surveys provide essential documentation regarding the success of Bay Aging services, its value to our clientele and any changes that need to be made to our service delivery to better meet the needs. We are pleased to report that overall our clients are very satisfied with our services. One client would like more hours of service.
  • * A Bay Aging team participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Gloucester on Sept. 21, 2013. In addition, art created by Gloucester Adult Day Break participants was on display at the event. We thank Martha Soles, owner of the Silver Box located in Gloucester, for her contribution of a beautiful purple leather Pandora bracelet and charm. The jewelry raised $166 for the Alzheimer’s Association.
  • * Bay Aging will participate in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Reason to Hope Breakfast at the Tides Inn in Irvington on Oct. 22, 2013
  • * The Gloucester Adult Day Break Center was inspected by the Department of Medical Assistance Services and the Virginia Department of Social Services; with no findings. The Gloucester and Essex Adult Day Break Centers were inspected by the Virginia Department of Social Services for license renewal. There were no findings.
  • Please welcome Jacqueline Veney, part-time R.N. Supervisor who will be working in the Urbanna Office. Ms. Veney replaces a former R.N. Supervisor.
  • On September 12 Omentus Korlison, Resident Service Coordinator; and Jacquelyn Veney, RN Supervisor attended the Coleman Care Transitions Intervention Training in Denver, Colorado. Congratulations to both for receiving their Care Transitions Certification.
  • * Bay Aging Home Care and Community Living Programs staff attended the Humana Managed Care Organization (MCO) meeting in Williamsburg on September 5th. Humana is one of three MCOs that will be providing Long Term Support Services for the Dual Eligible (Medicare/Medicaid) starting in February 2014. The other two MCOs are Virginia Premiere and Wellpoint. Bay Aging is pursuing contracts with the three MCOs.
  • Virginia Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program – VICAP
    • *Bay Aging’s VICAP Program is very busy with outreach presentations to Medicare beneficiaries. The focus is on Medicare benefits and making beneficiaries aware of the Medicare Annual Enrollment when they can change Part D prescription plans and Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Eastern Virginia Care Transitions Partnership
    • *Eastern Virginia Care Transitions Partnership – EVCTP continues in the ramp-up phase of the program. Eight hospitals are currently on board with three additional hospitals (Stafford, Riverside Doctor’s, and Mary Immaculate) actively engaged in implementing the program.
      • Statistics – August 2013
        • In the month of August, 497 referrals were received, up 29% over the prior month;
        • Of those, 371 patients were approached to participate in the program (eligible), up 21%;
        • Of those 197 enrolled and received a home visit, up 24%; and
        • 30 day readmittance rate for those completing the program for July (August referrals have not fully completed their 30 day intervention) was 11% and for those starting the program (includes those completing and those who did not) the readmittance rate was 16%. When we are able to keep patients in the program for its duration, we have a significant impact on reducing readmission rates.
    • * EVCTP Enrollment:
      • CMS approved expansion of eligible chronic illnesses to include 4 more diagnoses (Stroke, Diabetes, AFIB, and Renal Failure).
      • Implementing services at 3 additional hospitals as noted previously;
      • Improving coach accountability and effectiveness through improved processes & training; and
      • Pilot integration of Skilled Nursing Facilities.
    • We welcome Cathey Eades who is part of the Care Transitions team as the EVCTP Program Manager. Cathey returns to Bay Aging where she was first in the housing division and then Bay Transit. We welcome her back to Bay Aging!
  • Community Action
    • * Bay Aging Community Action was pleased to partner with the Northern Neck Coalition for Youth by helping to defray program costs. Thirteen youth who live in low-income TANF eligible families participated in the Jumpstart Our Youth – J.O.Y. Summer Program Initiative. The goal was to reduce juvenile detention through mentoring and providing structured activities for youth who have shown gang or other inappropriate behavior in and around our communities.
    • * In July 2013 Bay Aging Community Action was pleased to partner with Macedonia Baptist Church’s Girls Empowerment Camp. This camp program has steadily grown attesting to the needs young girls have to find guidance and structure that can lead them to the path of a brighter future. Fourteen girls living in low-income TANF eligible families benefitted from classes in spiritual development, goal setting, anger management, internet safety, sexual abuse, self-defense, etiquette, healthy cooking, teen pregnancy and abstinence. They also participated in cultural learning experiences and a college tour.
    • * At this time, pending Community Action partnerships include the Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Neck, The Laurel Shelter and Gloucester High School’s Project Springboard. All youth live in low-income TANF eligible families.
    • * Bay Aging staff is very pleased to partner with other community groups who already have the knowledge and expertise to provide programs and activities that will enrich the lives of youth living in low-income families.

Bay Transit

  • Site work continues on the Middle Peninsula Regional Transit Facility. The builders have run into bad soils throughout most of the designated parking areas and that is partly due to the wettest summer in recent memory and to clay soils. Construction crews had to undercut most of the parking area and bring in good soil. In spite of the wet weather the project is still very close to the original schedule and crews are expected to pour the slab in mid-September.
  • * Public hearings on the proposed fare increases have been completed. No public comments were recorded at either meeting. A resolution was passed by the Board at their September meeting to raise fares across the entire service area. A complete list of the proposed fare increases is available on the Bay ransit website
  • * The King William County Board of Supervisors will consider restoring funding to Bay Aging and Bay Transit that was cut from the FY 14 budget. Kathy Vesley presented to the Board in August. On September 23 the Board of Supervisors voted to fund $4,000 to the Meals on Wheels program. Bay Transit received no additional funding. Bay Transit will have to cut four hours of service per day to King William County citizens.
  • *The Transit Service Delivery Advisory Committee (TSDAC) continues to iron out the details for distributing new funds made available in the Governor’s recent transportation bill. New operating funds are now expected to be available in October instead of December. Capital funds are being deferred until FY 2015.
  • Congratulations to Ken Pollock, Bay Transit Director, for his award – 2013 President’s Award for serving as the Community Transportation Association of Virginia Representative on the TSDAC Committee.
  • Larry Kight, Project Manager and Regional Supervisor for Bay Transit, was contacted by Green Building and Design Magazine. The editors want to feature the Middle Peninsula Regional Transit Facility in their magazine. Way to go Team Bay Transit!
  • * New Freedom Mobility Management
    • In July and August, the New Freedom program provided a total of 685 rides to the 12 county service area; 445 in the Northern Neck, 237 in the Middle Peninsula and 3 in New Kent County. This represents a 165% growth from July and August 2012.
    • Since the July Board Meeting, New Freedom focused on community outreach to the New Kent and Charles City area where New Freedom services began on September 1, 2013.
    • New Freedom Mobility Manager Katherine Newman approached several local private transportation companies to help accommodate the demand of New Freedom ride requests. She is continuing to work with them to meet the necessary requirements to become a Bay Transit partner for the New Freedom program.
    • New Freedom Mobility Manager Katherine Newman and RSVP Director Ken Rogers are partnering to enhance the MedCarry program and transportation for veterans. MedCarry, an all volunteer program, provides non-emergency medical transportation throughout the service region.


  • Agency wide insurance coverage is being reviewed. We have four businesses reviewing our current coverage, limits and suggesting additional coverage.
  • * Bay Aging is contacting all three Managed Care Organizations requesting to participate in the Commonwealth Coordinated Care demonstration. Virginia Premier, Humana and Wellpoint are the organizations chosen by the State of Virginia and offering varied contractual opportunities. This has a potential significant impact on Bay Aging’s services.

Information Technology

  • * IT is providing ongoing assistance with Care Transitions Intervention software search and Requests for Proposal (RFPs).
  • * Researched, designed, and implemented a method using a new cloud encryption product to provide our Care Transitions Coaches with a centralized, secure, medium which can be used to input Patient Evaluation Surveys.


  • * Updates are made to the website on a regular basis. Visit often!
  • In the near future the website will have a new “user friendly” look and navigation appeal.


  • * The Weatherization program has funding through September 30, 2014.
  • * The Weatherization crew is averaging 4 to 5 jobs per month.
  • * Approximately 545 homes have been weatherized since March 2009.

Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation

  • * Funding for IPR is greatly reduced. The goal is to work on 2 to 3 homes in 2013-2014. The program is now administered by the Williamsburg Housing Authority.

Emergency Home Repair – Bay Aging Foundation (match program)

  • * The first job is in Richmond County where Bay Family Housing is adding handrails to a home’s rear steps. The owner is an elderly woman who fell down the steps because there is no existing handrail.
  • * The second job is in West Point at the home of an elderly couple – the husband is 90+ and uses a cane and walker. His wife fell recently; she is in rehab and will be using a walker. The ramp work will be performed by the Knights of Columbus with Bay Aging Emergency Home Repair and the Foundation covering the cost of materials.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

  • * Greentown Gaskins project in Lancaster County: The first house is nearing completion while work will begin soon on the second house. Houses 3 through 6 have been bid and will soon be under contract.
  • * Light Street project in Northumberland County: Fourteen houses are complete. Houses 15 through 17 will soon be under contract while house 18 is going out to bid. There will be 18 total houses rehabbed or reconstructed through this project.

Senior Apartments

  • Omentus Korlison, who joined our team on August 20th, is one of two Bay Aging Resident Service Coordinators stationed at the apartments. He is responsible for facilitating supportive services to residents living at The Meadows (Colonial Beach), Mill Pond Village (Montross), Parker Run (Montross), Tartan Village (Kilmarnock) and Winters Point (West Point). Mr. Korlison traveled to Denver, Colorado September 11 through 13 and successfully completed the Care Transitions Intervention Coach Training Program. Welcome Omentus!
  • * Throughout this Fall, we will be hosting resident “town hall”-style listening and discussion sessions at all of our apartment properties. This is being done as an opportunity for residents to express their opinions on how we can improve property management, customer service delivery and future rental housing.
  • * Parker View, Parker run, Port Town Village 1 and 2, and Tartan Village 1 and 2 have been audited with no findings.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

  • On July 30th, Bay Family Housing submitted the Section Eight Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) report to the Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA). The audit covers the period of July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. No scoring results yet.

Multi-Family Housing Production

  • * Daffodil Gardens Phase II – Gloucester Senior Apartments: A pro-forma budget, which forecasts development and construction costs and sources of funding (loans and grants) along with rents (increasing 2% annually) and operating expenses (increasing 3% annually) showing positive cash flow over a 15-year Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) compliance period, was sent to VHDA for review. This is in connection to a pre-application that was submitted to VHDA for a REACH (Resources Enabling Affordable Community Housing in Virginia) Predevelopment Loan. Follow-up communication with VHDA has allowed us to refine the budget for greater accuracy.
  • * Warsaw Manor Senior Apartments: The project, for which we hold a 10% ownership interest, completed initial closing on July 31st. Rehabilitation of 56 units of subsidized elderly apartments, funded through a year 2012 9% LIHTC allocation, is scheduled to be completed in 2014.

General Housing

  • Joshua Gemerek was elected Chair of the Northern Neck / Middle Peninsula Housing Partnership (NNMPHP) at the group’s August 19th meeting. NNMPHP is formally recognized, by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), as one of ten Planning Groups in the Balance of State HUD Continuum of Care (CoC). DHCD is the administrator of the Balance of State CoC and one of 17 HUD funded CoCs in Virginia. The primary objective of the group is to prevent, reduce, and alleviate homelessness in our 10 county region through effective and coordinated community-wide efforts and services. Participants include The Haven Shelter, Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Community Services Board, The Laurel Shelter, Quin Rivers, Bay Family Housing, local Departments of Social Services and various other community based organizations. Congratulations Josh!
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