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December 2012 – January 2013

HIGHLIGHTS – (* means we are following the strategic plan)

  • Administration
      • * Bay Aging Legislative Agenda has been updated. Items include – 1) Public Transportation Funding HB2070 and SB1140 (formerly known as SJR 297) – oppose as these bills remove all current allocations made by the Commonwealth Transportation Board and implements performance based funding for mass transit; 2) Enable All Area Agencies on Aging to Provide Services to Older Virginians in Their Communities by restoring 1.8% funding ($131,853) for core services, $425,000 to continue service levels in Virginia for 2013, $400,000 for 2014; 3) Respite Care Funding ($544,000 GF) to double the number of recipients with respite care services; 4) Enable Community Action Agencies to Provide Services to Low-Income Families in Virginia. Please see attachment, 2013-2014 Budget Legislative Agenda, for more information and sample opposition letter to send to your representatives concerning mass transit funding. An updated list of legislative representative for 2013 is also attached.
      • The Transit Director and Development Director attended January 4, 2013 Regional Public Hearings on the Governor’s Proposed Amendments to the 2012-2014 Biennial State Budget. Transit Director presented on number 1 as shown above and Development Director presented on numbers 2, 3 and 4 as shown above.
      • Neighborhood Assistance Program – $23,000 worth of monetary donations purchased all Bay Aging’s available tax credits of $14,900. Bay Aging is on a waiting list for more tax credits.
  • Community Living
    • Bay Aging is very appreciative for the many acts of kindness and generosity shown during the holiday season to the participants in our Active Lifestyle Centers, Adult Day Break Centers, and Meals on Wheels clients. Many individuals, businesses, civic groups and churches contributed generously.
    • Several Care Transitions Coaches have started attending the Mary Washington Hospital Discharge Planning Rounds to provide Care Transition Intervention services to patients identified as at risk of a 30 day readmission.
    • An inspection of Gloucester Adult Day Break Center was conducted by the Virginia Department of Social Services on November 26. There were no deficiencies.
    • Gloucester Adult Day Break Center participants enjoyed lunch with members of the First Baptist Church in Gloucester on December 12, 2012.
    • Bay Aging’s Virginia Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program (VICAP) program had 1,428 client contacts from October-December 2012. Counseling included assisting clients who are just going on to Medicare and need to carefully study their options, helping clients in comparing Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription drug plans and helping others apply for assistance to help with their Medicare and drug costs. The VICAP program also conducted 19 outreach events.
    • Bay Aging’s Ombudsman program (works with residents in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities) closed out 8 cases by resolving issues related to resident’s rights and resident’s care. The program also had 109 contacts that included answering questions and consulting with facilities for in-services to staff and residents
    • A request for continued funding for Meals on Wheels for the West Point and Middle Peninsula areas will be sent to the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation in January 2013.
    • Since July 2012, $12,000 has been spent in Emergency Services throughout the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck. The most requested needs were for utilities and fuel assistance.
  • Transit
  • Staff anticipates issuing an RFP for bids on the construction of the Gloucester Transit Facility by the end of January 2013. Several contractors have been pre-qualified.
  • The Transit Director spoke at the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors Meeting in December 2012 asking them to oppose SJR 297 as part of their legislative agenda. The Transit Director also spoke out against SJ 297 at a public hearing in Virginia Beach on the Governor’s Budget Amendments.
  • Bay Transit is implementing a notification module through the Route Match Scheduling system that will contact riders by phone the night before a scheduled ride to remind them and to allow them to cancel. This effort is being introduced with a goal of saving money by reducing the number of riders that are “no-shows”.
  • A survey is being developed to kick-off the Transit Stakeholders Meetings. Stakeholder meetings will be scheduled in February once initial input is obtained from the surveys.
  • Finance
  • Faye Palmer, Grant Administrator for the Department of Social Services, notified Bay Aging that there were no findings noted in the Monitoring Summary report for the monitoring preformed November 28, 2012 by her department. The “financial reports were thoroughly reviewed and found to be correct and in compliance with Federal Regulations and State policies that govern our grant.”
  • The Auditors from Cherry, Bekhaert & Holland, LLC will be on-site from January 7-18, 2013.
  • Cincinnati Financial Auditors visited December 4, 2012 reviewing Bay Aging’s General Liability exposure. There were no findings and the premium was reduced.
  • Information Technology
  • Director has begun “building” new virtualized servers with the goal of upgrading and migrating the Bay Aging’s main file server from Windows Server 2003 to Server 2012, and the Microsoft Exchange Server (email) from 2003 to 2010 along with the ongoing replacement of very old Windows XP/Office 2003 workstations with Windows 7/Office 2010 systems.
  • The IT Support Specialist and Development Director continue to monitor and make upgrades/updates to the Bay Aging and Bay Transit websites.
  • Weatherization
  • Bay Aging’s Weatherization Program has now completed a total of 523 weatherization projects from August, 2009 through December, 2012.
  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
  • Antonio Harris successfully completed all of the required courses for the Virginia Energy Auditor series. He is considered a certified Virginia WAP Auditor. Congratulations Antonio!
  • Vincent Smith has been promoted to full-time Construction Specialist effective January 1, 2013. Congratulations Vince!
  • During the month of December, Bay Aging completed its last housing rehab as part of the Mary Ball Road CDBG in Kilmarnock.
  • Just before Christmas, Lancaster County signed a contract with the Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development for the Greentown-Gaskins Road CDBG in Weems, VA. Bay Aging will provide the Rehabilitation Specialist Services for Lancaster County for 14 homes to be reconstructed/rehabilitated as part of this project.
  • In January 2013, Lancaster County signed a contract with the Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development for the Greentown-Gaskins Scattered Site CDBG in Weems, VA. Bay Aging will provide the Rehabilitation Specialist Services for Lancaster County for 3 homes to be reconstructed as part of this project.
  • Work is continuing on the 11th, 12th, and 13th homes that are being reconstructed/ rehabilitated as part of the Light Street CDBG Project in Northumberland County. Bay Aging is providing Rehabilitation Specialist Services for Northumberland County as part of this project.
  • Senior Apartments
    • HUD Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) Physical Inspections:
      • Tartan Village I (22 units in Kilmarnock) – Inspection took place on 09/11/2012 and the initial score was 92b. Points were deducted by the inspector due to all apartment entry doors not automatically closing and latching despite the existence of slow option closing spring hinges. The doors will close automatically if the spring is adjusted, therefore, we submitted a formal appeal, which was approved, to HUD and the score was revised to 97.
      • Mill Pond Village – Inspection took place on 09/12/2012 and the initial score was 96.76. HUD deducted points for only one of the apartment doors having the closing spring hinge issue, however, we appealed and the score was revised to 97.15.
  • Housing Choice Voucher Program
      • Dee Whitehead joined the Bay Family Housing team on December 5, 2012 as full-time Housing Program Assistant. She is responsible for client administrative processing, which includes certification meetings, financial verification, background checks and general communication.
      • We are preparing FY2014 budget appropriation (level funding) requests to the counties of Essex, Gloucester, King & Queen, King William, Mathews and Middlesex.
    • The Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) has informed us that they will conduct an annual desk audit in January. Tenant-based voucher client files will be hand delivered to VHDA in preparation.
  • Multi-Family Housing Production
    • Staff assisted the creation and submittal of a $500,000 funding application to the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) Affordable and Special Need Housing Program. If approved, these Home funds will be used as supplemental development funds for Warsaw Manor (56 units) senior housing development.
    • Staff is preparing a project concept plan for VHDA in order to potentially access predevelopment funding for new-construction affordable senior apartments adjacent to our existing Daffodil Gardens apartments in Gloucester. The goal is to prepare for a 2014 VHDA Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) 9% competitive round funding application.
    • The Woda Group, LLC, based in Westerville, Ohio, is interested in partnering with Bay Aging in submitting one, possibly two, 2013 VHDA LIHTC applications. Bay Aging and Woda had discussions in early 2012 regarding the same but, ultimately, a partnership did not materialize. In this arrangement, Bay Aging would take a 10% non-profit role in the project Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and sign a Right of First Refusal to purchase the project at the end of a 15-year LIHTC compliance period. The two potential developments are located in Newport News and Norfolk.
  • General Housing
  • Bay Family Housing was part of the Middlesex Partners in Progress (MPiP) housing panel at their 01/17/13 meeting at Saluda Baptist Church. This was an excellent opportunity to discuss affordable housing needs, resources and future directions.
  • Housing Counseling
    • Bay Aging’s HUD-approved Housing Counseling Program has been on voluntary inactive status since July 2012. HUD is encouraging us to continue this voluntary inactive status, as opposed to termination of the program, until sufficient funding is available to hire the appropriate housing counselor.
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