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In 2014, in addition to 143,170 public transportation trips, over 4,200 rides were provided for seniors and   people with disabilities to primarily access health care services locally and outside the service region.

  • MedCarry non-emergency medical transportation service is mainly used by seniors receiving therapy such as treatments for cancer, dialysis or other medical need. Volunteers use their personal vehicles to pick-up patients, take them to their appointment and bring them back home as soon as they are able. This service gives people a measure of privacy and dignity they would not have using public transportation.
  • Mobility Management gives seniors and people with disabilities access to healthcare and other consumer services located outside of Bay Aging’s public transportation region, beyond operating hours or on weekends. Many veterans access healthcare at veterans hospitals using Mobility Management.
  • $50.00 gives access to 25 public transportation trips or 5 round trips for therapy needs.

You can help seniors and people with disabilities gain access to health care and consumer services.



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