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Traditional federal and state funding for emergency home repair efforts are a thing of the past, however, low-income seniors continue to live in homes that are dangerous to their health and well-being. Repairs are now funded through   partnerships with community organizations, grants and   donations. The following are two examples of how living situations were improved through Emergency Home Repair.

  • Emergency home repair helped an elderly widow whose bathroom floor was caving in on itself. Staff installed a new floor, re-plumbed the fixtures and insulated the room.     Her home is on the waiting list for further repairs.
  • An elderly couple were living in a home that had missing roof shingles and ceiling leaks. The shower in their only bathroom didn’t work. And there were broken door knobs throughout the house. Shingles were either replaced or installed while ceiling leaks and shower were repaired. A partner organization installed new door knobs and a smoke detector. The couple also now receive nutritious  food through Meals on Wheels and ride on Bay Transit.

You can help seniors live more safely in their own homes.



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