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Adult day care centers provide a safe place where adults with disabilities can go for a day or even a few hours. Centers, open to people 18 years and older, are staffed with professionals who care for people who have Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, head and spinal cord trauma, chronic diseases and other disabilities.

At $65 per day, adult day care is an excellent, lower-cost option for families who want to stay together longer. Some families struggle to pay. Some caregivers quit their jobs or go from full-time to half-time and most caregivers get little relief from the stress of providing long-term care.

  • A woman caring for her mid-60’s husband with severe dementia was at wits end. “This once gentle man was convinced that I was the father who abused him as child.” Her husband beat her badly and her family did not understand why she didn’t “put him away.” Although she knew one day something more permanent would have to be done, she felt adult day care would be a good step. She had some much needed time to herself and knew he was in caring, capable hands at the center.

You can help provide adult day care scholarships.



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