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Directly below you will find a forum provided by The forum is an online space where caregivers can share experiences and ask or answer questions. Registration is required to post, but it is quick, easy, and free. The posts are open for anyone to read without registration.

Neither the forum, nor the parent site is affiliated with Bay Aging.

Bay Aging does not create the content or moderate the forum. provides its own disclaimer and terms of use and employs its own moderators and contributors.

Chances are most of us will eventually become a caregiver to a parent. This forum is an opportunity for people to share their caregiving experiences, and those experiences are valuable even across state lines. Sharing may help lead those with questions to the best answers available.

Caregivers and family members are responsible for their own choices. This forum does not take the place of professional help. Sometimes what people most need is the ability to share with someone else who understands their problems and challenges. This forum may provide that.

Please remember, as in all exchanges with strangers, you should never reveal personally identifying information. You should not need to share identifying information to benefit from using this forum. You can tell your story without using real names, addresses, phone numbers, or financial information.  Bay Aging and Agingcare will NEVER ask you for personal information in order for you to participate in the forum.

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